What is a personal chef?

At EPCS, a personal chef is a trained chef with years of hospitality experience who will meet with you to discuss what creations to make for your loved ones or for your special occasion. Then we do the grocery shopping, menu planning, prep work, packaging/presentation, and leave then kitchen spotless for your next use.


Are all meals prepared in my kitchen?

Yes. In accordance with Capital Healthy bylaws, we must prepare all food for you family in your kitchen.


Who uses a personal chef service?

People from all walks of life use a personal chef. New parents, professionals, busy families, people recovering from surgery, individuals with dietary concerns, elderly people who have difficulty cooking some of the meals they love. The list is endless!


Is it worth it to use a personal chef?

The average Canadian family spends $668 (Stats Canada) per month on groceries and restaurant meals. People also spend an average of 1.9 hours per day on cooking, cleaning, and preparing meals. Add to that grocery shopping, line-ups, and parking. Times 20 days, that’s 38 hours+/month that you could be spending with family and friends. A personal chef helps you save that time.


Is there a fee to meet and discuss options?

There is absolutely NO financial obligation on your part until after we meet, discuss our selections and you decide to book us. At that time, the full amount of the booked service is payable (by cash or cheque) to avoid the hassle of payment on the day of service.


Are the meals healthy?

One of our goals is to get rid of the over packaged, over processed, preservative filled, chemically flavoured fast easy foods that are marketed towards Canadian families. Leaving in it’s place fresh fruit, vegetables, natural ingredients, and customized meals the way your family likes, ridding you of the harmful additives plaguing packaged food theses days.